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Thumb Bandit 1960 Slot Machine

1.54 usd

Play 1-Thumb Bandit™ 1960's Slots 1. One of the original mechanical fruit machines from the swinging sixties! Totally retro, colourful and simple to play. This vintage classic slot machine is now brought back from the sixties, accurately recreated and now you can play any time you like.- Faithfully recreated 60's fruit machine. - Simple to play slots - just like the old days.- Each play=1c virtual coin.- Never ending virtual coins to insert into the slot.- Recreated from a genuine vintage Mills High-top fruit machine.- Each reel is recreated exactly from the original slots machine.- Genuine reels from actual machine.- Realistic simulated payouts and winning combinations from the real slot machine.- No in-app purchase or ads
To play simply pull or tap fruit machine "arm" handle with thumb.If you run out of virtual coins insert new virtual coins by tapping the coin slot marked with "$1".
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